Testimony #20NovMx pacific demonstration

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Dear all,

The protest developed peacefully within different contingents headed towards the Zocalo Main Square. Any minimum sign of violence like hitting doors and branch entrances was eased and calmed by the unanimous voice of NO VIOLENCE! After the Judas burning, we arrived to Zocalo square in an unprecedented number. Walking over Madero Street we could foresee hooded men obstructing the path, leaving only 5 de Mayo Street cleared to walk through. The people stepped out quietly. Much of those who arrived to the Main Square left eventually due to the absence of programming and speech since the bandstand that was used in previous protests was not installed and we did not see speakers either. We did not see riot police nor alleged soldiers dressed as civilians. After awaiting for certain time at the flagpole we decided to walk towards Pino Suarez metro station around 20 de Noviembre Avenue; in which diverse contingents from the provinces of Guerrero, Morelia and Oaxaca were heading as well. A group of men with horseman aside and machetes was stopped by students of the Cinematography Training Center (CCC) in order to film them. Detonations started surrounding the area. People ran out screaming. We ran in between the buses while hearing DON´T STOP! The contingents of the diverse states of the Mexican Republic that were gathered along their buses, did not react upon the rest. They have crossed hundreds of kilometers to be at the Zocalo Square manifesting and demanding their causes.

Apparently, the different groups of riot police bursted precisely from the same streets where the hooded men were located as well as at the National Palace. The “anarchists” that were shown in CNN and and other massive broadcasting entities, were clash groups that awaited until Zocalo Square was gradually vacated. We have received testimonials from friends that were warned by police and riot police who suddenly showed up advising some of the people to leave.

This previous situation was one more set up created by the government to discredit a civil movement encouraged first and on top of all, by a peaceful insight. The Ayotzinapa families were protesting as well. Their faces were blended by fatigue and sadness yet dignity and honor amongst all. The presence of children was fewer this time. However, some of them were holding banners with their hands while being pushed in the strollers by their mothers. People from every social background, from every state of the Republic, was present today in this protest.

Authorities want to infest us with taunting and fear. Lets not allow them to intimidate us. We need to be capable to create and put together a movement beyond the protests. Lets not give up. We want a country where we can live peacefully and in broad exercise of our rights.


[VIDEO] Work done by students and graduates of CUEC UNAM #20NovMx

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