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“Letter Against Repression and Criminalization of Civil Protest in Mexico”

–Press Release

November 24, 2014

In name of the academic, cultural, artistic and activist communities, the Global Network #AyotzinapaSomosTodos (#WeAllAreAyotzinapa) releases this Letter Against Repression in Mexico in order to better inform public opinion.

Our letter is added to the social repudiation before the repressive actions that occurred on November 20th during the peaceful demonstration that was taking place at the Zócalo in Mexico City and demands immediate freedom for the protesters that were arbitrarily detained by Mexican security forces.

The recent civil movilizations across Mexico and the world are a reflection of citizen indignation, a demand for justice and a way to exercise freedom of expression and the right to free association. The response by the Mexican state to these peaceful citizen actins is extremely worrisome. The use of excessive force, the participation of riot police and the violations of due process of the detained seem to be intended to repress and discourage social protest by placing the integrity and safety of many of the participants in danger.

The security forces and the system of justice only added to their discredit with the arbitrary detentions of November 20. The 11 detained individuals have faced a process plagued by irregularities. We demand that their freedom be restored and that just and due process be respected and we emphatically denounce their transfer to high security prisons far from Mexico City, where they lack adequate legal protection.

We alert governments, public opinion and international organizations to the high risk that criminalizing and repressing political expression in Mexico involves. Besides violating the rights of citizens to free political expression, the use of state force is not the way to resolve the conflicts that the country is experiencing, and it will only deepen into further the violations of Human Rights and confrontations between citizens and government.

This open letter started circulating the night of November 22 (Mexico City time) in German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, and Portuguese. In 48 hours after its composition, more than 12,000 people in more than 85 countries had already signed the letter. The full text can be found at: ayotzinapasomostodos.wordpress.com/letter-against-repression/ At the same link you can find, beginning tomorrow, a video of citizens around the world reading the missive in different languages from some of the countries where this collective letter has been signed.

Among the signatories there are many cultural critics and academics such as Benjamín Arditi, Yvon Le Bot, Eduardo Buscaglia, Judith Butler, Giuseppe Cocco, Néstor García Canclini, Adolfo Gilly, Andrea Giunta, Alfredo López Austin, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Gabriela Polit, Rossana Reguillo, Nelly Richard, Suely Rolnik, Diana Taylor; activist and journalists such as Lydia Cacho, Guillermo Osorno, Sopitas, or Alejandro Vélez; as writers and visual artists such as Eduardo Abaroa, Francis Alÿs, Carlos Amorales, Carmen Boullosa, Junot Díaz, Graciela Carnevale, Coco Fusco, Margo Glanz, Vicente Rojo, Doris Salcedo or Juan Villoro.

In name of the global network #AyotzinapaSomosTodos we are infinitely grateful for the broadcasting platform that you may provide. For any questions or information please email us at ayotzinapasomostodos.media@gmail.com.

Political prisoners: Ramón Domínguez Patlán/Atzín Andrade González/Juan Daniel López Ávila/ Laurence Maxwell Ilabaca/Luis Carlos Pichardo Moreno/Francisco García Martínez/ Hillary Analí González Olguín/Liliana Garduño Ortega/Hugo Bautista Hernández/ Tania Ivón Damián Rojas/Roberto César Jasso del Ángel.

Thank you,
Network and Communications Team

Global Network #AyotzinapaSomosTodos

Twitter: @43Global

Facebook: facebook.com/ayotzinapasomostodos

Foro Global “México y la herida del mundo”: ayotzinapasomostodos.wordpress.com

Youtube: http://bit.ly/11QS8p9

Livestream: new.livestream.com/43Global

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